Ucapan Selamat Perkawinan Untuk Teman Sekerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris


  • Best of luck to you during this special time of life. We cannot wait to see the way that marriage improves your life and how a spouse makes you a better person.
  • You’re giving hope to all of the single people left in the office. Best wishes to you and your new spouse with your new life together.
  • A marriage is a perfect union when two people become a team.
  • We’ve seen such a change in you at the office and we’re so happy that you’re happy.
  • Congratulations on your marriage and we wish you the best during this new stage of life.
  • So happy you’ve finally found the one that completes you and enhances you as a person.
  • Wishing you the best during this special time in your new life.
  • Thank you for inviting me to share in this day with you and your family.
  • I am so glad that I have gotten to know you at work and I wish you and your new husband/wife a long happy life together.
    Wishing you success-and most of all happiness-in your marriage.
    What a wonderful day to celebrate my coworker. All of the best to both of you in marriage.
    Everyone at the office is so happy for you. Congrats!

Akhir Ucapan Selamat, Pada Kartu Sebelum Tanda Tangan

  • With Love,
  • Lots of Love to you Both,
  • Congratulations Lovebirds,
  • Congrats Newlyweds,
  • Love Always and Forever,
  • Best Wishes for Your Future,
  • Take Good Care of Each Other,
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